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After fighting Buxus Blight for many years without a consistent solution, Topbuxus was developed by the largest grower of Buxus plants in Europe. Topbuxus Health-Mix combines years of experience to bring a safe solution to nature and counters the effect of Buxus Blight in Buxus plants.

Topbuxus Health-Mix

Prevent and treat Buxus Blight. Increase your plant's natural resistance for greener and stronger Buxus

Developed specially to restore and protect against Buxus Blight. Formulated as dissolvable tablets for convenient foliar feeding.

One tablet dissolved in 1 Litre of water is sufficient to treat 10m2 of Buxus and keep Buxus plants healthier, stronger and more resistant to diseases.

TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX burns the fungal spores that allows the Buxus to quickly grow new leaves, even if branch is still green but all leaves has fallen, the Buxus will fully recover.

Treat your Buxus monthly with Topbuxus Health-Mix starting from September to May.

Topbuxus Health-Mix is a non-toxic and bee and pollinator friendly.


Spray all over the plants, paying special attention to any sick looking parts. Try to spray into the centre of each Buxus. It is most effective to spray Topbuxus Health-Mix in mild and dry weather.

Do not use Topbuxus Health-Mix if the temperature is over 25°C or when frost is present. 

When and how often to apply
Treat Buxus plants once a month throughout the year with off-season applications will further encourage Buxus plants to excel in spring.

Where to use
Use on Buxus shrubs, Buxus hedges, and Buxus in pots or planters.

Coverage area
When 1 tablet is mixed with 1L of water, coverage is 10m2.

Measure your Buxus area to determine the amount of liquid solution you will need.


Follow the instructions for Topbuxus Health-Mix to treat Buxus Blight. Modify the spray treatment schedule if Blight is substantial and persistent:

Week 1 – Spray the infected Buxus plant with the Topbuxus Health-Mix.

Week 2 – Apply a second treatment.

After Week 2 through to the end of the season – Continue to apply the spray treatment once a month throughout the year.

Topbuxus Grow

Healthy roots for strong growth and intense deep green leaves.

Fast acting granular fertiliser. Specially formulated for superior Buxus growth. Contains essential nutrients that target nutrient deficiencies in all varieties of Buxus.

Topbuxus Grow promotes healthy root system, strong and uniform growth and deep green leaves. Prevent yellowing and orange leaves in Buxus.

50g of Topbuxus Grow is sufficient to cover 1m2 of Buxus. Spread Topbuxus Grow on the soil at the base of the plant. Do not spread on the plant.

Fertilise with Topbuxus Grow in spring to promote green growth by apply 3 times per season as soon as a new buds appear or in late autumn to promote root growth over winter.

Topbuxus Grow is environment and pollinator friendly.


Spread the granular fertiliser at the base of the plant, just beyond the drip line either on the soil or over mulch. Water in straight away for instant results as Topbuxus Grow is fast acting and will absorb quickly.

Do not spread Topbuxus Grow on leaves.

When and how often to apply
Apply Topbuxus Grow any time of the year to boost your plants with the greening nutrients.

For growth boosting, apply once every 6 - 8 weeks or 3 times per growing season to ensure Buxus plants get all the nutrition they need.

Buxus benefit most from fertilising in spring to promote green growth, and autumn-winter to promote root growth over winter and density in spring.

Where to use
Use on Buxus shrubs, Buxus hedges, and Buxus in pots or planters.

Coverage area
50 grams = 1m2.

Divide this by the number of square meters to determine the amount of Topbuxus Grow to apply to your Buxus.