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Leading Soil Conditioning Technology

TerraCottem soil conditioner helps to achieve successful planting projects despite the challenging conditions of poor soils and climate change.

We provide solutions to individuals, organisations and professionals committed to creating more fertile soil and a greener planet as part of the solution to the challenges presented by climate change.

Experience the dual benefits with TerraCottem: foster sustainable, healthy plant growth while achieving remarkable savings of up to 50% in irrigation water, even in the most challenging conditions.

Choose TerraCottem and embrace a win-win situation for yourself, your clients, and the environment. By utilising our soil conditioner, you can achieve your planting goals while contributing to a greener planet and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Soil is life. Soil is the skin of the earth.

Not all soils are conducive to good plant growth. Many soils need to be amended or conditioned.

TerraCottem soil conditioner offers a holistic approach to plant growth. This effective mixture of more than 20 components works in a synergetic way to significantly improve soil quality, water and nutrient retention for healthier plant growth. TerraCottem ensures that trees, lawns, shrubs, gardens and plants grow healthy and strong all year. Across New Zealand and Australia, TerraCottem achieves excellent project outcomes resulting in greener, healthier and more liveable landscapes for the community.

Let TerraCottem soil conditioner help you get the job done.

TerraCottem has been on the international market since 1993. All TerraCottem products are accredited or certified by independent laboratories and research institutes. As a leading product globally, TerraCottem is doing commercial and scientific work with reputable organisations and companies in over 40 countries.

The smart approved watermark also proves that the product does what it says on the label: help reduce irrigation water.

How Does It Work


For optimal growth of all your plants with less water

The original TerraCottem soil conditioner. Since 1993, the product has constantly evolved with better performing polymers, fertilisers and carrier material to further enhance root and plant growth and reduce inputs.

Use in most applications such as trees, shrubs, revegetation, annuals, perennials, roof gardens, horticulture and potting soils.


Life insurance for your trees

Stimulates the growth of trees and shrubs. Boosts their resistance to drought stress and increases their survival rate, saving you the cost of replacing dead plants.

Suitable for all tree and shrub planting including New Zealand indigenous plants.


For a deep root system and a healthy, drought-resistant lawn

The soil conditioner for ornamental and sports grass. Grass that has been seeded or turfed on soil in which TerraCottem turf has been incorporated will be more resistant to drought. It will stay green longer and recover better after a period of drought compared to untreated grass.

Use prior to seeding, sprigging or sodding.


Supplement to TerraCottem universal

Specially formulated to replenish TerraCottem components that have been consumed by plants during the previous growing season, as well as compensate for any loss incurred when crops or annuals are removed from the soil.

Use in flower beds and horticulture previously treated with the TerraCottem universal soil conditioner.

Application method


Help your plants to grow healthy and green. Save workload and money by taking the correct steps at the start of planting. No matter if you are planting a seedling or an already grown plant, TerraCottem increases the tree's survival rate, accelerates plant growth, and increases its resistance to stress due to lack of water. TerraCottem will especially achieve great results when used in degraded, saline or marginal soils.


TerraCottem soil conditioner makes lawns robust and sustainable, with healthy grass growth and savings of up to 50% in irrigation water, even in challenging conditions. Grass that has been seeded or turfed on soil in which TerraCottem turf has been incorporated will be more resistant and recover better after a period of drought and stay green for longer compared to untreated grass.